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Biochemical modification of mineral additive for intensification of biogas production and organic waste detoxification


It is proposed synergetic study of the anaerobic microbiological degradation of wastewater and sludge and applications in biotechnological intensification of biogas production and phosphate removal with using modification fine structures of mineral waste.

Description of Projectidea

This project focuses on the synergetic approach to the biotechnological processes of waste utilization. There is analysis and experimental study of synergistic changes in the anaerobic microbiologic degradation (AMD) of wastewater and sludge. They are based on autocatalytic processes and synergies. Inclusion of fine and nanoparticles into the structure of anaerobic sludge flakes is observed in the biochemical system with the addition of dehydrate phosphogypsum (occur fault crystal lattice). Biological removal of phosphate occurs in process of AMD under sulfidogenesis conditions within co-precipitation of hydrogen sulfide and heavy metal ions. Scientific novelty of the project is the implementation of the synergy of the sewage sludge qualitative biochemical transformations and its impact on the sludge mineral structure and ecological safety of the obtained product. Other specific of this project is the possibility of phosphogypsum waste using in the biotechnological intensification of biogas production and gas purification. Research Project Highlights:
- Development of patented technological process for treatment of organic and mineral wastes with heavy metals removal.
- Create of ecological safety technology of waste utilization with production biogas.
- Forming the biochemical and mathematical models of detoxification and phosphorus removal of sewage sludge.
- Microorganisms immobilization on granulated material of support medium, which consisted of dehydrate phosphogypsum.

Consortium of partners, already involved

modeling and intensification of biological processes with special attention being paid to wastes treatment with generation processes of biogas and production environmentally friendly product

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Ph.D. Elizabeth Chernish
Sumy State University
40007 Sumy
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12.05.2016, Mainz, EU Brokerage Event on KETs in Horizon 2020 (expired)

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Ingo Rey
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