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Hybrid nanomaterials with biological and catalytic properties


We are a group of six experienced researchers with strong background on the preparation of supported catalysts based on supported nanoparticles or metal complexes with application in different processes such as oxidation, polymerization, photocatalysis, C-C coupling and similar. In addition, we are working in the preparation of novel formulations of metallodrugs based on nanostructured systems of different origin.

Description of Projectidea

The idea is to contribute to a consortium focused on NMBP-01-2016, NMBP-10-2016 or NMBP-15-2017 as the main synthetic group focused on the preparation in medium scale of hybrid nanomaterials or nanoformulations and the characterization and complete study of the catalytic and biological properties. We can prepare a wide variety of nanomaterials, supported systems and we have access to most of the useful equipment for the characterization of nanomaterials as well as a wide network of contacts in different fields such as anticancer cytotoxic studies, catalytic studies, angiogenesis tests, etc.

Consortium of partners, already involved

Our role would be principally as partner and a support group for the synthesis of nanomaterials "a la carte" based on supported hybrid systems principally.

Partners sought to complete the consortium

We are looking for partners which need of our expertise and contacts for the formation of consortia for the above mentioned topics.


Novel hybrid materials for heterogeneous catalysis
Nanoformulation of biologicals
Nanotechnologies for imaging cellular transplants and regenerative processes in vivo


Prof. Santiago Gomez-Ruiz
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Calle Tulipan s/n, Departamental 1, D040
28933 Mostoles
Homepage: http://
Phone: +34 637874532
Organisation: Higher Education

Responsible NCP

Nieves González
CDTI- Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial
Telephone:+34 91 581 55 66