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Development of new prefabricated systems based on the use of recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste (CDW).


One of the main problems in the use of Recycled Aggregates from CDW in new construction elements, is the high percentage of substance that are harmful for the cement. This project try to develop methods of recycling that quantify and eliminate the harmful substance for the cement, and use this aggregates for the generation of new prefabricated elements.

Description of Projectidea

At the same time, the project will use lightweight concrete of low thermal conductivity in the prefabricated elements, achieving improvements in energy efficiency of buildings, and reaching levels of use of recycled aggregate more than 60% of the total amount of aggregate.
Development of techniques to ensure the quality of recycled aggregates for use in cementitious materials.

Research on hydraulic binders that allow use large amounts of gypsum.

Development of non-structural products with high percentages of recycled aggregate, and improved thermal and acoustic properties.

Development of structural systems that allow the use of large amounts of recycled aggregate. Research in lightweight concrete with recycled aggregates with very low thermal conductivity.

Consortium of partners, already involved


Partners sought to complete the consortium

Companies or institutions with experience in RCDs with innovative methods for classification and treatment, generating aggregate for use in cementitious elements.
Non structural precast companies (flooring, exterior cladding, interior walls etc ..).
Structural precast companies.
Institutions with expertise in the development of concrete with low thermal conductivity.
Companies or institutions with new structural systems


New technologies and strategies for the development of pre-fabricated elements through the reuse and recycling of construction materials and structures


Salvador Martinez
Technological Center of the Construction (CTCON)
Polígono Industrial Oeste - Avda. de las Américas P16/4B
30820 Murcia
Phone: +34 968355270
Organisation: Research Organization

Responsible NCP

Nieves González
CDTI- Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial
Telephone:+34 91 581 55 66