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SUN-BEAM: Underground Mineral Exploration using Cosmic Rays Muons


SUN-BEAM is planned for Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) Pilot under the H2020 program. SUN-BEAM target is to perform mapping of underground soil densities using muons. The maps can then be used to extract information on the depths of the geological layers and the ore deposits above the sensors. Using SUN-BEAM the estimated cost of mineral exploration is due to be significantly reduced

Description of Projectidea

SUN BEAM plans on using muon sensor to collect data such as: underground soil densities using this data a map of underground soil densities will enable detecting change in the boundary between the layers. This will also enable the optimization the exploration phase and plan the next drilling accordingly. Combined data from muon sensors in verios depths: Combine the measurements from several sensors to form 3D images can be done after the initial project as it requires higher spatial resolutions leading to different tradeoffs in the design, and longer exposure times. Enhanced 3D density mapping using multiple sensors: Build a quantitative model of various sensors. The concept is to reconstruct enhanced 3D images of ground Densities from the measurements using regularized unfolding techniques.
For example the gravimetric sensors generally consist on measurements of the vertical component of the local gravity field. The muon tomography provides information on the density structure of the Earth‘s at deeper levels of the ground. Both methods are linearly linked to density, but their spatial sensitivity is different. The enhanced 3D density algorithm combines the two or more sensors measurements into a 3D image by optimizing both the functional shape and overall strength of regularization to the specific use case.

Consortium of partners, already involved

Lingacom commercial and technology provider also acting as project Coordinator
One End User; Mineral exploration company to support in finally defining project‘s attributes and acting as Beta Site

Partners sought to complete the consortium

Commercial and technology provider - for integration of Lingacom technologies with other sensors.
More End User ; Mineral exploration company to support in finally defining project attributes and acting as Beta Site


Pilot lines for manufacturing of materials with customized thermal/electrical conductivity properties
Fast Track to Innovation - Pilot
FET-Open Research and Innovation Actions


CEO David Yaish
Lingacom Ltd
10 Hanechoshet street
69710 TEL AVIV
Phone: 972545303020
Organisation: Industrial SME

Responsible NCP

B.Sc Chai Avital
ISERD - Israel Europe, R&D Directorate