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MADLIM – advanced MAchining and Deburring solutions for LIght metal component Manufacturing


Advanced machining and deburring operations are becoming a crucial part of metal component finalization of European automotive and aerospace. Modern European manufacturing standards within supply chains demand parts with zero-defects, geometrically perfect surfaces, all measured with tolerances within microns. Elimination of unwanted particles must therefore today be achieved with use of latest technologies and constant process optimization.

Description of Projectidea

MADLIM addresses the need for producing machined parts without defects for automotive and aerospace industries. The materials addresses are light metals that are due to their properties more and more used in these sectors such as aluminium, magnesium, zinc and titanium. When machining and/or deburring parts made from these materials – whether by extrusion or casting – the final specifications and surfaces of the product must be impeccable. This is especially true due to these lightweight components being used as key parts of engines, pumps, drivetrains where a minor defect may cause a critical vehicle/aeroplane breakdown. Machining and deburring processes are usually done within CNC machining centres, MADLIM will however in an industrial prototype level search alternative solutions, using robotic approach and combining waterjet, laser, thermal energy, MQL-machining/dry-machining applications etc. MADLIM’s goal is also to make the solutions as flexible as possible, as low-cost as possible for the industrial user and enable to machine/deburr the most complex parts at the same time reducing scrap, energy use. Inclusion of advanced simulation and robotics solution is therefore also crucial, together with appropriate prototype testing facilities before their application int practice. Success of solutions deployed within MADLIM is proposed to be measured via reduced scrap (OEE), increased product compliance (PMM).

Consortium of partners, already involved

HIDRIA: MADLIM is proposed by Hidria, a major Slovenian automotive component supplier to some important European Tier-1 and OEMs. HIDRIA is already successful in H2020 projects - cooperates in two (in one as coordinator). HIDRIA Alutec BU business unit manufactures aluminium die-castings covering all the main processes: high-pressure die casting, machining, and quality control. HIDRIA has two plants in Slovenia and a fully equipped research institute. HIDRIA‘s aluminium die castings are among the most demanding in the automotive industry covering two highly demanding fields: a) ICE components (water pump housings, pump electronics housing) b) steering system components (pinions, columns, oil pump housings, el. motor housings). This means that finishing on these parts needs to be extremely precise with no space for error (particles, burrs, chamfers).

Partners sought to complete the consortium

- machining/deburring tool provider
- machining lubricant manufacturer
- prototypization process provider
- process optimization provider
- laser/water jet machining/deburring application manufacturer
- machine vision solution provider
- R&D institution that has knowledge in machining, 3D process simulation
- to ensure EU-wide representation: another company that manufactures components/products from light metals for automotive/aerospace


Fast Track to Innovation - Pilot
Affordable weight reduction of high-volume vehicles and components taking into account the entire life-cycle
In-line measurement and control for micro-/nano-enabled high-volume manufacturing for enhanced reliability


/ Rok Podobnik
HIDRIA d.o.o.
Nazorjeva 6a
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 8 202 8016
Organisation: Industry

Responsible NCP

Doroteja Zlobec
Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport