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Gypsum concrete from secondary raw materials: joint recycling of drilling sludge and phosphogypsum
Department of Applied Ecology of Sumy State University in Ukraine (DAE SSU) has 25 years of experience in research and development of waste utilization technologies and 20 years of experience in research and development of technologies of industrial waste recycling into building materials.
DAE SSU team includes scientists and experts from a number of areas – automatic control and instruments for measurements of environmental parameters, processes and devices of environmental protection technologies, waste management, automatization of production processes, one doctor of sciences and four PhD with experience in international projects implementation.
Experience includes technology and technical means of waste recycling, obtaining phosphogypsum binder from dump phosphogypsum, drilling sludge utilization, implementation of such technology and many years of experience with using it in a building materials production.
The Department can offer a variety of services during the project implementation period, such as facilities to test new technologies and qualified scientists in the field of gypsum concrete production from secondary raw materials and in particular joint recycling of drilling sludge and phosphogypsum, quality assessment of raw materials and final products in accredited laboratory of Center of environmental, chemical and toxicological monitoring and biomedical research.
The main objective is to develop a resource-saving technology and equipment to produce gypsum concrete from drilling sludge and phosphogypsum in order to obtain environmental, economic, competitive capacity benefits for the chemical and oil and gas sectors – the development of new processes to improve resource efficiency by reducing industrial wastes and improving waste management in primary production.
For the current call: DAE SSU developed approaches to reduce capital investments to obtaining gypsum concrete from drilling sludge and phosphogypsum and would be happy to cooperate as a project member of waste management in the industrial production of building materials using secondary raw materials to reduce capital investments in such technologies – 20-30 %. Practical use of the development will provide cost savings of resources and final products, and reduce environmental pollution.
With commercialization, the results of the implementation of such a project, DAE SSU is ready to perform such actions: designing necessary equipment, its manufacture, installation, commissioning, training and commissioning.
Our experience: Development and implementation of ecological safety technologies of joint recycling of drilling sludge and phosphogypsum to produce gypsum concrete, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, environment protection in the chemical, oil and building industry.
Description of the requirements to cooperate:
We are looking for project coordinators and / or partners who have experience and expertise in the management of the consortium and nomination of projects. Partners must be ready to develop new environmentally friendly technologies and equipment that will be innovative and effective in the production of building materials from industrial wastes.
Experience: designing technologies of waste recycling to produce building materials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, environment protection in the chemical, oil and building industry.
What we look for: project coordinators, project participants.
Contact person at the Department of Applied Ecology: Iryna Ablieieva (, mobile tel. + 380999197588)


Integrated approach to process optimisation for raw material resources efficiency, excluding recovery technologies of waste streams


PhD Iryna Ablieieva
Sumy State University
R.-Korsakov 2
40007 Sumy
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Organisation: Higher Education

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