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Manufacturing and ink formulation of conductive and semi-conductive nanomaterials for OLED and OPV applications


The growing demand of photovoltaics and displays markets for flexibility and versatility will tend to replace the silicone technologies by organic-inorganic composite.
The idea of the project and the consortium is to develop an all-printed OPV and/or OLED system based on flexible organic polymer substrates and inorganic materials - metals and metal oxides.

Description of Projectidea

The project main idea will be to manufacture a flexible OLED and/or OPV demonstrator based on inorganic materials:
- High conductive metal material for electrodes
- Semi-conductive metal oxide for ETL layer
- Semi-conductive metal oxide with wide band gap for HTL layer
The inorganic materials are known by their high performances (conductivities, efficiency) and their chemical and physical resistance compared to organic materials already commercialized.
The different layers will be printed on flexible polymer substrates. Different printing methods will be considered depending on the ink type:
- Inkjet
- Flexography/Rotogravure
- Screen printing
Materials - nanoparticles and nano-inks - will be developed and/or optimized in the framework of the project.

Consortium of partners, already involved

The consortium is not formed yet. Genes‘Ink is looking for partners to involve in the project.

Partners sought to complete the consortium

- University or institute with competencies in nanomaterials characterization (SEM, TEM, AFM, XPS, XRD, ICP, FT-IR, etc.)
- University, institute or company interested in printed OPV and OLED modules and with competencies to make (printing, assembly) and characterize those modules (FF, PCE, conductivity, I=f(V), etc.)
- Company or Institute with know-how in printing technologies (gravure, flexography, inkjet, screen printing)
- End-users, OPV and OLED manufacturers


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Responsible NCP

NMBP Program Committee Delegate - NCP Didier vanden Abeele
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